Selector of the Festival: Sinisa Tucic

Selector of the Festival: Sinisa Tucic, a writer:

Translated into English byJana Živanović

            sinisaThroughout several years I have had an opportunity to visit numerous artistic festivals which are traditionally held in Novi Sad. As a regular visitor of FEST, INFANT, INTERZONE, CINEMA CITY, PROZA FEST etc, I acquired a habit of following this kind of cultural events. The main role of a festival is to show the section of annual production in a certain type of art.

Since 2003 a festival has been held in the Cultural centre of Novi Sad, with the main theme of disability – “SEIZE THE FILM/SEIZE THIS DAY WITH ME”. Going through different phases during many years of its existence, the festival turned into an event where short films about the lives of people with disabilities. Projections encompass various topics: culture, art, sport, everyday life, marriage, family, friendship, parenting, sexuality. There are films about women with disabilities, about twofold identities (about people with disabilities who belong to the LGBT population), about employment, growing up, and current issues regarding migrants…

As a selector this year, I have had the opportunity to see over a hundred of films from Iran, Russia, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Russia, European countries

..and to get to know on concrete examples what life is like to the disabled in different cultures, in underdeveloped countries on the east, as well as in the richest countries of the western world. By watching these films one can conclude that the degree of economic development of a country is not crucial for the position of the disabled and that stereotypes in globalized world are narrowed.

It happened to me that, watching a film from a very distant country which is economically less developed, I notice that a disabled person is presented as fully integrated in everyday life following the principles of independent life according to the social model of invalidity.

Unfortunately, there were examples that, in some liberal and democratic countries which are declaratively “champions” in terms of the level of human rights development, films full of prejudices and stereotypes in the key of medicine model are still recorded. Apart from the films from all around the world, there will be home made projections, too.

The festival “SEIZE THE FILM/SEIZE THIS DAY WITH ME” makes us think.

Watching films about people who live far away from us, we start looking at what surrounds us from a different point of view. We see the positive progress in the improvement of the position of the disabled in our country, simultaneously recognizing what we have not changed yet and how we can improve the current state.