All the participants in these films have the same aim: to pursue their abilities – Sinisa Tucic, the Festival selector talks about the films that came in

It is my honour to be the selector of the festival “Seize the film” this year, again. I had the opportunity to see more than 200 films. Of all the films we received I made a wide range of choices, hoping to make the process easier for the jury.

Sinisa Tucic, selector

Sinisa Tucic, selector

But this time I will not mention deliberately that disability is the theme of these films. The ones that will be shown at the festival are the best witnesses of lives of people in different parts of the world in the second decade of the 21st century. That is the point of time our parents used to contemplate about in their futuristic projections as of a futuristic ship with thousands of tiny bulbs and robots which will be our servants and solve all our problems. But of course, life did not go that way. We are still bothered by the same issues captured with the eye of the camera. Both persons with and without disabilities live in wealth and poverty, in city and in village, in war and in peace, among people and phenomena… Be they engaged in a disabilities movement, ready to act in any way possible, or out of all that is going on, they all share one aim – to survive the times unkind to human beings and make their wishes, hopes and possibilities true. To love and to be loved.

This year the selection was harder than the last year. There were more good films. The quality of the festival is improving each year as more and more good films are shot, so the competition is cut-throat. The films I saw contain less and less wrong stereotypes and disabled persons are not seen from the perspective of the so-called medical model so much. The actors in these films are among us and they are aware that they face real life problems in the world they live. What encourages is the fact that disabled persons are ready to change things for better and that disabled women are those more willing to do something. These women in different parts of the world bravely take the decisive role in activism in the disabilities movement itself.

If you decide to visit the festival “Seize the film”, you will not regret. Films in which both actors and real people with or without disabilities take part call for further pondering over them. It is necessary that one looks at life from various aspects and face it the way it is, so as to get the grips with upcoming problems in the everchanging world.

Sinisa Tucic, Festival selector

Translated by: Jana Živanović