samo 16 512pxThe film competition received 636 films from over 50 countries. In the wider selection, over 200 and a narrow selection of 70 films came in.

In Novi Sad in September 2018. 34 films was shown from 21 countries in the world: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK, Canada, Spain, Iran, France, Turkey, India, Italy, America, Slovenia, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, Paraguay, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Philippines. The festival features 34 films about people with different types of disabilities, different age, social, national, gender structures. It is this diversity that gives a broader picture of the situation of persons with disabilities, so it is possible to notice differences in approach and position, but also similarities. The films were subtitled in the Serbian language (some films also had an English subtitle) and the accompanying program was translated into a sign language (due to deaf people). After film projections, discussions were held with the present authors-actors.The discussions were translated into sign language and in the days when guests from abroad and English were present.


accompanying program: WHOLE PROGRAM HERE doc
Presentation 2 books
3 panels
2 musical performances
2 workshops
Exhibition of pictures of 2 persons with disabilities
Exhibition of photographs

7 film caravans were realized in Serbia: Temerin 19.10; Sombor 20.10; Kovin 20.11; Vrbas 22.11; Loznica 29.11; Backa Palanka 12.12. Novi Sad – Euro-In 08.12.Caravans were realized in cooperation with local associations, Youth Offices, Cultural Centers and Euro-in Festival
After screenings, discussions with the attendees were held

Festival also were held in Banja Luka in October (1 day) and in Rijeka in November(3 days).

In Kotor festival will be held 05th and 6th March 2019.