Selector Marijana Canak on this year’s films: The strength of this year’s Festival “Seize the film” is to get you out of your shoes

This year’s selector for the first time was Marijana Canak, a multi-award winning journalist of “Portal about disability”. Read her text about this year’s films.

“Whenever I happen to consume art as a task, with a predetermined destination I have to arrive at, in a clear and pulsing period of time, sticking to a scale, I know that every kind of pleasure in that entire process is pretty much destroyed in advanced. It seemed to me that, while I watch a 15-minute-long movie, at least five new are received. The only way to get back from those movies into my reality was – to see them all. Luckily, there were films that made me forget about deadlines and all the other movies that were waiting to be seen. Want it or not, some movies chose me, and not the other way round.

I was not choosing movies that glorified torture, nor the ones that represented a human being as a victim of their own body, or that used diversity as an empty element of horror, perpetuating the freak show business tradition and asking the audience to additionally pay for the ticket with gratefulness or pitying. I was not choosing movies which end with the number of current account, music videos, video clips from TV shows or public appearances, nor advertisements, because they did not seem like movies to me. However, maybe showing on a movie festival would make movies out of them – if we believe in the power of context – but what is the purpose of repeating an experiment that has been proven many times.

Marijana Canak

Marijana Canak

I was choosing the movies that absorbed me. For me, a good movie is the one that doesn’t claim anything, but questions everything possible. A movie in which concepts, we have all so been used to, that we assume their meanings, start skewing to that extent that uniqueness becomes wonder. What is disability, after all? Is it the same as any other sort of irregularity? Is there a context for every person in the world in which they would function as a disabled person? Why are we appaled at standing out and being different? What are we turning into the moment we can see the difference so clearly that we stop perceiving human beings? Can the neverending striving towards abandoning diversity be but a pure reflection of our irrational desire to control the life itself? What is the difference between the life with prejudices and the life psychoses? Comparing to psychoses, are prejudices a type of collective trance which lasts because it is contagious? And, the most important for each of us: what does it have to do with me? Whose trance am I living?

The power of this year’s festival Seize the film is no longer to put you in someone else’s shoes, but to get you out of your shoes. I envy the audience, for I would like to be able to see some of the movies for the first time again, just because of that moment in which the perspective changes, the commonality becomes uncommon, and we discover another self out of many.”