Tanja Stojšić Petković, Festival jury member

Translated by Irena Raičević

tanja-1Every year I think that this festival is… extraordinary and special because of a movie that invokes in me a new emotion, new experience, new outlook on disability, on world in general… but this year, the number of movies we had to leave out because of the time available for screenings, leaves a certain sense of powerlessness… as if I’m facing a new kind of disability… but let us leave this bitterness that the world offers abundantly at every turn, and come face to face with some new values… the obstacles overcome by a woman washing windows at 500m… face a (four-legged) love that can avert us from suicide… interest in erotica and sexuality stripped to the core, singular experiences shared between parents and children with disabilities… this festival is a treasure chest!!! A TREASURE CHEST filled with the rewards of lifelong learning about the field of film art and the life of people with disabilities…

Tanja Stojšić Petković – psychologist, disability rights activist, Festival jury member