Zoran Cvetković, Festival jury member

Translated by Irena Raičević

zoranYear after year, the Film Festival Seize this day with me grows into an institution of a collective of a unique films from all over the world. Among other things, owing to the development of technology and multimedia that we are able to use and the choice of associates in the review, or the pre-selection of a large number of movies entered, we are able to reach our goal.
That goal is the clarity of the film language and the theme of disability. Furthermore, it’s our efforts to encourage the authors to apply the social model of disability and the use of certain terminology while making the films. It has been noted that the movies about disability that we differentiated by types, have now grown into a subtype of film art.
Intertwining film genres such as documentary, coverage, animation, live-action, documentary drama, all the while following the basic elements of film art, this Festival has brought together various artists and their works, each with their own distinctive mark. In this manner, the circle of authors who create such films professionally and with love is spontaneously expanding.
Last but not least, this Festival has slowly but steadily become a hotbed of new filmmakers, who also leave their mark in the region and beyond.

Zoran Cvetković, PhD in film studies in art theory and aesthetics of film